Why Should Boys Have All The Fun? Shikha Jain of Rashi Applauds Women Warriors!


A lockdown can be a difficult and rather complex time, especially for those not used to being in isolation. However, keeping busy is key. And as Rashi Entertainment’s Director, Shikha Jain accurately stated, “there will always be bigger, better, and brighter tomorrows with more fun, happiness, and family times.”

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To aid each other and help improve this dreadful situation, six friends- Adhuna, Anubha Gupta, Ritu Bajaj, Ritu Gauba, Shikha Jain, and Vandana Lal- banded together during the lockdown to create a video directed and coordinated on zoom calls by Shikha. The video was produced in a short span of 9 days, with Shikha working tirelessly to ensure it went out in time.

The video essentially addresses how women in our families, be it mothers, sisters, daughters, or wives, all portray a strong and united front to ensure the security, wellbeing, health, and safety of their families, making them the true warriors of this fight.

The video was shot with the intention of spreading positivity and happiness amongst citizens during the nation-wide lockdown, put in effect to curb the spread of the deadly Covid-19.

By staying within the safety of our homes and actively practicing social distancing, watch how these women convey that we can all do our part in fighting this disease, contribute towards our society, and simultaneously set an example for our families to fight this pandemic as true warriors.

The ladies also took a moment to thank all the women in their lives for being caretakers, confidantes, friends, teachers, and such during these trying times, and encouraged all viewers to do the same.

Lastly, all the ladies had a final message of positivity to share- “It doesn’t matter whether you’re working from home, or managing the house and doing household chores. You must actively try to stay positive, happy, and support lockdown 2.0!”

Created with the intention of requesting all ladies to continue taking care of their loved ones, the video beseeches women all over India to continue to do so with the same amount of love and dedication, but most importantly, to STAY HOME & STAY SAFE.