SOCIAL NETWORK (Ep. 10): The WedEd Way!


WedEd is an initiative that offers young minds insights about weddings as a career and various other opportunities within the wedding industry. Started by founders of two wedding schools at the top of their game, Mareesha Parikh from The Wedding School and Vijay Arora from Touchwood Wedding School, WedEd’s initiative is truly revolutionary during these unprecedented times. The series aims at teaching young talent about the industry and giving them a direction to head in.

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The panel consisted of:

  1. Harikrishnan Pillai, Founder, The Small Big Idea
  2. Ginny Kohli, Foudner and CEO, WedWise
  3. Rahul Kumar, Director, Vivaah Weddings & Chairperson, MEWA

The episode was curated by Mareesha Parikh, CEO, The Wedding School & co-founder, WedEd.

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Episode 10, Social Network addressed the connect between technology and the digital world where digital experts came together to explore the opportunities in the Digital World & its relevance & application in the wedding space.

Today, technology is crucial in the wedding industry because it makes clients feel secure in both personal and business related aspects. With technology advancing every single day, people are now able to access supplies and innovations that they couldn’t have dreamed about as little as a decade ago. The three panelists discussed the same.

The panelists elaborated on how they realized early in their careers that the future of the industry certainly lies in technology and the tech-aspect of things truly intrigued them. As the need for content grew in the wedding space, new technology came through and helped build an online wedding community.

They even discussed how e-marketing or digital marketing is like any other form of marketing and allows business owners to profile end consumers to minute levels. E-marketing has helped businesses reach people while they enjoy the comforts of their homes.

They even elucidated how social media gives professionals in the wedding industry the ability to recite their true stories and deliver their content to everyone while maintaining authenticity. Wedding content cannot be limited by the amount of likes and followers you garner, but instead, is defined by how much of your true self you can deliver to your audience through online platforms.

The final bits of the session revolved around good story telling, cost analysis, audience research, and strategizing. Essentially, the panelists mentioned reaching out to the audience, maintaining authenticity, and being smart regarding  cost and consumer analytics as sure-shot ways to advance within the industry, all with a little help from tech-related aspects!

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Knowledge Flix by WedEd is a ten-episode series that will culminate on the 30th of April. The FINAL EPISODE, DEVIL’S ADVOCATE– launches on the 30th of April AT 11:30 AM on the Zoom App.



With bucket-loads of exposure and experience in the wedding industry to look forward to, the initiative is unprecedented and unique in its approach.

Head on over to the WedEd Instagram page (CLICK ME!) to register and tune in to the FINAL EPISODE AT 11:30 AM on 30th April.  For registration, checkout the link in the instagram bio of @wededconclave. From discussing various career opportunities in events and entertainment to honing special skill sets, it’s all here! ALSO, a counselling session for aspirants and students will be held on the 1st of May 2020 by both The Wedding School and The Touchwood Wedding School with spokespersons Mareesha Parikh and Vijay Arora.