All You Need to Know About WedEd’s Knowledge Flix Episode 2!


As we talked about earlier this week, WedEd’s Knowledge Flix was officially kicked off on the 7th of April and was privy to a large audience. With Episode 1 being a great session, WedEd officially brought forth Episode 2- The Ballad of Décor & Design.


But before we get into that, a little reminder on what it’s all about? Here’s a little from the co-founder of WedEd- Mareesha Parikh, CEO, The Wedding School. Watch her explain what WedEd is all about, and give you a little peak into the concept of Knowledge Flix.

With Episode two packed with material regarding the enormous world of décor, design, and production- it’s surely one that cannot be missed.

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The panelists include none other than:

  1. Devyani Kantawala, Associate VP, FnP Gardens,
  2. Devika Narain, Crreative Director, Devika Narain & Co. and,
  3. Abhinav Bhagat, Founder & Creative Head, Abhinav Bhagat Events

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WedEd also proudly announced the present the curator of Episode 2 – The Ballad of Decor & Design, Pooja Ghai, Founder, Tranquil Events. Pooja, who masters the art of conversation will surely get you the answers to all your questions about entering the enormous world of decor, design & production and making it big within it.

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So, interested? Head on over to the WedEd Instagram page to register and tune in to the SECOND EPISODE AT 11:30 AM on 9 April. From discussing various career opportunities in events and entertainment to honing special skill sets, it’s all here!