Vijay Arora’s Power-Packed Plan Is Sure to Take EEMA Places!


So, the elections are upon us. Tomorrow, the 26th of June, is the big day and as we’re sure you already know, elections matter. The votes you put in tomorrow will decide the fate of EEMA for the next term. While all the candidates have merits, we wanted to take a moment to bring to the fore Vijay Arora, running for vice-president, north, EEMA.

Voting for the right person is essential. And Vijay, backed by his powerful manifesto, is certainly the right person for the job.

Vijay’s manifesto clearly outlines his objective- a plan that uses the resources and revenue of EEMA for the constructive growth of the events industry.

If elected, Vijay intends to:


1. Foster collaborative relationships towards event community building.

2. Develop more sustainable and skill-based business opportunities.

3. Ensure more tie-ups with global Organizations and build EEMA up as brand.


4. Develop Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, and Agra as destinations for MICE & WEDDINGS in the North.

5. Work with Skill India to create more business opportunities and vendor and employee engagement.

6. Reintroduce Spotlight Awards and Global Leadership Retreats for members.

7. Drive member-engagement for education, mentorship, government engagement, treasure hunt, sports, celebrations.


8. Create forums that bring corporate clients and the industry closer together through knowledge sharing and understanding of best practices in activation and marketing

9. Tie-up with educational institutions for event education.

10. Design and institute 3 new IPs for EEMA to build more engagement.


11. Create and share with members manuals, agreements and guidelines for artists, vendors, hotels and venues.

12. Grow membership in the North by 50%.

13. Prioritize the safety of women employees.

Vijay is responsible for initiating the spotlight awards, working closely with vendor partners, fetching international opportunities, and ultimately, ensuring due recognition.

Surely, one of the finest candidates.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, Vijay Arora for VP, north!