5 Things That Make Rajeev Jain Your Ideal Choice for President, EEMA


Before we jump to president, let’s start with worker, constituent, or just a member!

Since the establishing of EEMA, Rajeev Jain has been on the frontlines, working with some of the best minds in the industry to actually make a difference. After more than a decade of working in the trenches, as vice-president and then as treasurer, he volunteered for the top job.

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Why? We’ll, we’ve got an answer He runs a small enterprise and now is the time, in his opinion, to bring the small and medium industries to the forefront. The association consists of businessmen who have their feet planted firmly on the ground, and Rajeev believes now is the times to take responsibility and look for solutions. While the pandemic has certainly threatened the existence of the industry, he believes the best strategy is togetherness. And what better way to implement this strategy than as the president of EEMA?

So here are 5 reasons you need to vote for Rajeev Jain as president!


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  1. He has a vision.

With an unpretentious ideology of “simplicity cuts the clutter,” Rajeev is all set to step forward and provide the best solutions. He knows that “positivity brings profit” and wants to harbor an atmosphere that will bid adieu to all the recent politicking and negativity that had plagued the events industry. He states that the industry is united to create a different, beat the bad times, focus on profit going forward, and creating entrepreneurial solutions to usher in happiness. “Togetherness is taakat,” and Rajeev believes that being unified through the hardships will prove to eventually be this industry’s strength. A vision built without any fallacies, Rajeev will provide the clarity required to rebuild from scratch. With a vision that stems from more than a decade in the trenches, he is ready to represent every small and medium-sized enterprise today.


  1. His manifesto benefits everyone in EEMA and the events industry.

Rajeev firmly stands by his motto, “Fayda for EEMA members, and vikaas for all.”

His manifesto is designed to bring focus to small and medium-sized agencies, build a collaborative ecosystem to help small agencies, focus on women and youth leaders, give EEMA a voice and visibility in the government and media, collaborate with policymakers for change and financial relief, help raise investment funds, amongst other beneficial ideas. With his “clean and transparent governance,” Rajeev aims to strengthen EEMA initiatives, engage with political leaders regularly, broaden the National Advisory Committee (NAC) to include senior patrons, revise the EEMA constitution to make it more relevant to changing times, encourage collaborations with IPs, and lastly, ensure reduced rates in hotels, airlines, and the likes for members.

Quite impressive, right?

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  1. He believes in teamwork.

Rajeev is of the opinion that we are nothing without the support of our team. “Individually, we may be the stars, but together we are the galaxy.” He believes that collaborations create companions, commerce, and most importantly, success. His personal journey too, would have been impossible without collaborations. Rajeev stands by his philosophy of teamwork adding power, driving away despair, and moving everyone towards the path of profit. He states, “One company may have an operational strength, another a creative strength, the third a financial strength, yet another a networking strength – when we play as a team, these strengths all get focused towards one goal. Then, we are able to make an IMPACT. This industry and this time are not for individual stars – it is for team players.

When my company becomes your company, it becomes our industry.”


  1. He plans to hold work alongside the government to ensure the best for EEMA.

Here is a list of his requests:

  • All tenders from government should be done by 100% Indian-owned companies
  • Urgent SOPs for conducting events and weddings in COVID times.
  • Change in licensing laws to be relevant to our times: loudspeaker use, hygiene, security, etc.
  • Soft loans collateral free, reduced interest with 12 months moratorium,
  • GST should be waived or reduced for at least the next two years.
  • Government must pay agencies for work already done by them.
  • Government must provide advances to agencies for their projects and not make payment subject to bank guarantees.
  • Declare events as an industry. With a business size of almost Rs 25000 crores and over 10 million employed this is more than justified.
  • Create more opportunities for the events and experience industry through community engagements, event-tourism initiatives, promotion of heritage sites and culture.

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  1. He wants to make regional chapters stronger.

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” Rajeev knows that any team is only as strong as its weakest member, and thus, he doesn’t intend for there to be any “weak members.” He will focus on every region and every regional association. Being a small body of only 168 members, he believes it is easy for everyone to be heard and says that the ideal National Executive Committee (NEC) should include everyone. He suggests a “Power of 168” initiative, one that revolves around inclusiveness and representation for all members across all regions, connected with those elected.

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It’s quite simple, folks. Rajeev doesn’t view his opposition as against him, instead just looks at them as friends with different agendas. He knows everyone has a common goal- the betterment of EEMA- thus bringing forward his ‘teamwork’ initiative even in his views of the opposition.

A man who has spent more than two decades in the industry has only the best to offer. He clearly states that “celebrations and weddings will sustain our industry till the corporate spenders are back.” A man with a plan, and with an outstanding vision- one that will certainly take EEMA to new heights.

Ladies, gentlemen, and members of EEMA- without a doubt, Rajeev Jain for president!