A Gigantic Hyderabad Wedding By Tamarind Global, Design By Sumant Jayakrishnan



Planning & Management: Tamarind Global

Event Design: Scenografia Sumant by Sumant Jayakrishnan

F&B: Foodlinks

On 23rd September, Tamarind Global managed and executed this mammoth Wedding-Reception at GMR Ground, Hyderabad.

Tamarind Global has been in the hospitality industry for over 10 years and has expanded its services to now include focused destination management, event management, and bespoke weddings. In the last few years, Tamarind Global has been the agency behind some of the most high-end private celebrations and big fat Indian weddings across the globe for high profile clients spanning top industrialists, bureaucrats, and many other eminent personalities.

Divine Decor

A royal and traditional décor theme was showcased with beautiful floral décor, lotus motifs, Tiruapti and Mysore Palace influences and lots more unique detailing.

The entrance also displayed 2 giant 36 ft lion structures on either side welcoming the guests. The entire theme and inspiration were taken from Tirupati with the lotus being the key motif. The dining area was inspired by Mysore Palace and had a two-tiered Mezzanine created to accommodate 300+ people.

20170923_162413 20170923_163057

The Humungous Production

17000 square feet of the barren GMR ground was converted into a stunning spectacle in just 20 days of setup time with over 500 skilled labour.

1,57,000 square feet of a support less hanger created with a clear height of 75 feet!

1200 running feet of buffet layout and 200 feet of dessert counters were also seen.


Parking was created for over 3500 cars. The outside façade was made with 109 inlit temple tops at the entrance and the inside divided into elaborate sections for a dinner seating, VIP areas, and a royal entrance with elaborate floral pillars.


The highlight was the 42 x42 feet stunning lotus Mandap, situated inside a water body of 7500 square feet with 1,80,000 litres of water.


These were magically surrounded by 4 lotus structures of 18 feet dias on which 109 pandits sat chanting through the ceremony!

20170923_193443 20170923_195253

Over 5000 dias, over 5000 light fixtures and over 200 chandeliers were used across the venue interspersed with string art and gorgeous floral work which looked absolutely spectacular.


A giant Gopuram of 47 feet was created between the mandap and dining area. Top VVIPs from CMs to Governors attended the extravaganza.

Kunal Rai, Head of Weddings and Events, Tamarind Global said, “This was one of the most challenging projects as we were working against time but managed to create a massive 17000 square feet grand set up in the span of 20 days on a completely barren ground. The final output was quite striking.”