Purple Tree Event Solutions Organize a Blissful Getaway in Oman!


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The Sultanate of Oman is a much sought-after wedding destination. From natural landscapes to high-end hospitality services & grand venues, the country offers it all. Recently, a couple based in Hyderabad watched their dreams come true in this sunny paradise when Purple Tree Event Solutions chalked out their whole gala from end-to-end in Oman within a span of two months.

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The celebrations, which the planners categorize as a ‘post-engagement celebration,’ included an itinerary that catered to the interests of over 600 guests, all of different ages! The celebrations continued for 2 whole days, and the planners ensured they weren’t centered around any one specific ceremony or function- making each event, one to remember!The celebrations were kicked off by welcoming the guests as they checked-in to the hotel, the hospitality experts from the Purple Tree Team handled the event, and things went smoothly and according to plan! Fabulous giveaways and a unique interactive installation provided some amusing engagement to the guests as they walked in.

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Subsequently, a delightful spread to welcome every guest to Oman was catered to with an open-air lunch at the Al Tanoor Terrace Restaurant. With comfy seating under white fabric tents, the guests had a relaxing meal amidst conversation and the lovely view of the sunset…

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The event itself, rightly dubbed ‘a coral floral dream’ was surely a picked right out of a fairy tale. An extravagant setting was created for the ceremony, which included a harpist, who played his pleasant notes through the evening. To further the lively atmosphere afloat, an after-party was held which had a novel theme termed “Prohibition,” and it rightly continued until the sun rose the next day!

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The next morning, guests indulged their touristy side by going sight-seeing through Oman. Some of the prime spots in the area like the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the splendid showroom of Rolex watches – Khimji’s Watches and the Al Alam Palace were amongst a few of the attractions! With the weariness of the night’s ecstatic celebrations and long morning sight-seeing, the guests returned to a relaxed, beach-themed lunch at one of the most premium and highly restricted, private venues of the resort.

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The final celebration – a dinner at Bar Al-Jissah Ballroom, the most royal event, reflected hues of radiant red all around. The evening demanded a chivalrous elegance which was well orchestrated by the planning team, handling the in-flow of guests and the smooth running of the series of events.

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When asked about her experience in the country, Nafisa Sheikh Afonso, Founder, Purple Tree Event Solutions exclaimed, “In a country with high potential of hosting weddings and events of a substantial scale, Oman also proved to be an expanse of its humble natural beauty. All in all, each day of this special celebration doled out several memories which would stay printed in the books of Purple Tree! Such post-engagement celebrations open up a whole new category of wedding celebrations, besides the regular mehndi, sangeet, and wedding festivities! As a wedding planning company, we have explored an all new segment of matrimonial celebrations. We hope this sets off a trend, and destination engagement celebrations become a new culture before the onset of the wedding. This opens a chance to bring forth a variety of exciting new decor, engagement activities and entertainment experiences for our future clients.”