Reminiscing the Good Ol’ Days with Perfexion Events’ Elegant Desert #ThrowbackWedding


Luxury Suppliers
Wedding Planners: Perfexion Events
Catering: Yum Yum Cha & Food INC by Varun Tulli, Delhi
Food styling: Rakhee Jain Design studio, London
Set designers: 70 EMG Media Group, Mumbai
Photographers: Reels and Frames, Anand Rathi , Mumbai
Wedding Cards: Core designs by Ruchita Bansal, Delhi

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When two best friends come together to tie the know, it has to be nothing short of the stereotypical ‘Big, Fat, Indian Wedding,’ This precise brief was delivered by the couple, Aishwarya Gupta, the granddaughter of financial tycoon Mr. Anand Rathi, and Ruchir Dalmia. The grand wedding was attended by over 450 guests from all around the world.

Jaisalmer, the perfect combination of tradition and royalty was as the chosen destination, with famous venues like Suryagarh Palace, Hotel Marriott & Sam dunes as they key wedding venues. The wedding portrayed the true essence of Rajasthan, beginning with the warm welcome of guests at the Perfexion team help desk installed with special permission from the airport authority of India. Guests were garlanded with Pushkar rosee, were handed personalized welcome letters, and were welcomed by a large band. A prerecorded welcome note from the host family played on loop along with romantic songs until all guests arrived at the hotel.

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Architecturally pure and true to an ancient craft, the luxurious Suryagarh hotel executed the traditional Khamaghani welcome for the guests with tilak, nagadas, rose petal shower, folk dancers and a varied display of camels.


The wedding celebrations started with the welcome dinner in the evening with a scintillating Qawali setup which was designed with royal shamianas and special low seating at the Celebration gardens of Hotel Suryagarh in a Nawabi style. All the guests were given Ajmeri caps & Sufi rummal brought for this special occasion. And finally, the mood was set right by the Nizami Brothers that captivated the crowd with their soulful music till late evening.


The next day, eremonies started off with an auspicious Kalash yatra and Poojan which was followed by a cosy Blue city- Jodhpur themed lunch. With nice ceiling setup of blue strings in central courtyard of Suryagarh , linens and cutlery took a cue from the famous mural painting of the blue city,

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Organized at Sam Dunes, Jaisalmer, the pre-wedding cocktail for Finance Industry Tycoon Anand Rathi’s grand-daughter, Aishwarya Gupta was a truly remarkable event. The production alone lasted four days and involved over 200 workers and 55 trucks of raw material, and proved to be a herculean task. Uneven and windy, the dunes proved to be logistically challenging in terms of setting up the event. However, the Perfexion team persevered and true elegance was born. Despite the dunes frequently changing shape and course owing to the wind, the team was able to finalize the plans with the help of their designers. The clients requested a large, levelled space to set up the buffet and catering services. The same was provided atop the uneven dunes. Guests upon their arrival were able to unwind in the welcome lounge, which included refreshments as well as adequate entertainment. In addition, guests were presented with several options to choose their mode of transport to the venue. Guests were able to choose between camel carts, camel rides, or simply walking up the dunes towards the event setup. The sundowner began with high-tea and exciting activities like kite flying, camel rides, or jeep safaris for the guests to participate in. Upon the entry of the couple, the Swaarag Band took to the stage and delivered an outstanding performance. Guests were awestruck by a kite-flying affair in the night, wherein a professional and internationally acclaimed kite-exhibitionist executed a splendid show. 500 mashaals were used to light up the area. The evening ended with a gala dinner, and the attendees were awestruck with the taste, styling, and presentation of the food.

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The next day afternoon was a bash of colours, pomp and grandeur with the theme as ‘Pushkar Mela’ arranged in the courtyard of Marriott which had elements distinctly favoured for the mehendi event. The setup was created in strenuous 12 hours with kaleidoscopic and vibrant props like live puppet & Nagadas installations at the entrance gate of Hotel Marriott . The mood was set right with the high notes of Mame Khan’s classical folk music and some tit-bits arranged around – pagadis, bangles, jutis, bajubands etc to keep the guests enthralled throughout.

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Taking a cue from the Sheesh Mahal of Udaipur, the evening was lit – a myriad of reflective glass and mirror adorned the lake gardens of Suryagarh.

The candlelit tables were laid out with lavish glassware, Thikri work was executed on stage floor and bar counter, silver shamadans , 800 kg glass Chandelier on the main stage with hanging LED’s both side were the few elements of the exuberant layout . The main challenge was not to break the view of Suryagarh Hotel facade watching the family performances.

The Sangeet had a detailed, scripted and very well choreographed show put up by the family members and the cherry on the cake was groundbreaking performance by DJ Ganesh and a mix of 6 other singers getting the crowd grooving until dawn.

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The Varmala platform was 60*18 ft in dimension made out of flowers and acrylic where the bride and groom performed the varmala . The beautiful entry of the couple was done by the “Bharat beriya group“ who came from Ahmedabad.

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The bride and groom were then led to the bawadi where the Musical Pheras were conducted by the renowned “Hiral Kamani Garg” along with 21 Pushkar pandits who accompanied her.

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The reception started off with mind blowing fireworks as the couple walked down the stairs of the venue. Following the meet and greet, the party went on until the wee hours of the morning.

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