A Look Into WedEd’s Episode 9: India’s Got Talent!


WedEd is an initiative that offers young minds insights about weddings as a career and various other opportunities within the wedding industry. Started by founders of two wedding schools at the top of their game, Mareesha Parikh from The Wedding School and Vijay Arora from Touchwood Wedding School, WedEd’s initiative is truly revolutionary during these unprecedented times. The series aims at teaching young talent about the industry and giving them a direction to head in.

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The 9th episode of the series went live on the 25th of April. The panelists included”

  1. JATEEN RAJPUT, HOD- School of Event Management, Whistling Woods International
  2. RUTU KAMDAR, Educator- NMIMS & SP Jain Global Management , Jigsaw Brand Consultant

The episode was curated by Mareesha Parikh, CEO, The Wedding School & Co-Founder, WedEd.

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Episode 9 presented panelists who believed in educating & sharing knowledge throughout their careers, and decided to share valuable advice and insights with the viewers.

Education is a weapon that improves an individual’s life- easily the most important one to do so. Education is a lifelong process and end only with death, the benefits of which one reaps through every waking moment as it determines the quality of an individual’s life.

The panelists discussed how education has been deemed a business in today’s time, despite it being such a noble service. In India, the student-faculty ratio is highly disproportionate, and the panelists brought to the fore the importance of a stable ratio in a good education system. They further discussed how students with the zeal to learn keep them motivated.

The need to strengthen the academic system in India was another much-discussed topic, with the need to understand students and connect with them a major factor. Vipul Solanki even stated, “Students should be involved in activities such as presentations, case studies & group activates, so that they learn to work with people & know how to put their ideas forward.” This thought was furthered by Jateen Rajput who highlighted the need for subjects such as music and sociology for students aspiring to enter the wedding industry.

Rutu Kamdar exclaimed, “Any vocational education needs to have a balance of theory & practical knowledge; schools must weave both the aspects together to give students an overall feel of the industry. Don’t just use them as tools when they come as interns but instead, let them learn, let them make mistakes! The field is such that we need to give current knowledge & not to just go by the book, because the events business is very dynamic & trends driven.”

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Knowledge Flix by WedEd is a ten-episode series that will culminate on the 30th of April. The next episode, SOCIAL NETWORK – launches on the 28th of April AT 11:30 AM on the Zoom App.

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With bucket-loads of exposure and experience in the wedding industry to look forward to, the initiative is unprecedented and unique in its approach.

Head on over to the WedEd Instagram page (CLICK ME!) to register and tune in to the TENTH EPISODE AT 11:30 AM on 28th April.  For registration, checkout the link in the instagram bio of @wededconclave. From discussing various career opportunities in events and entertainment to honing special skill sets, it’s all here! ALSO, a counselling session for aspirants and students will be held on the 1st of May 2020 by both The Wedding School and The Touchwood Wedding School with spokespersons Mareesha Parikh and Vijay Arora.