Sri Lanka Wedding By Mpire Events Withstands Sandstorm, Heavy Rains & More!


Mpire Events headed by Vikram Mehta conceptualized and executed this wedding affair at Jetwing Blue, Negombo, Sri Lanka in July this year.


The property is perfect with every room facing the beach. What’s amazing about this Hotel is not just beach facing like every other hotel, but if you step out of your balcony you’re literally on the beach!

Sri Lanka wedding

This trendy coastal getaway with its vibrant new look, embodies a contemporary taste of luxury living. Dining options at Jetwing Blue are many and varied while the 800 seat ballroom (theatre-style) provides the ideal venue for conferences and events while the smaller venues are popular for weddings.




Preparations involved getting the logistics in place and flying in around 50 vendors from Mumbai (bartenders, DJs, Caterers etc). The odd flight timings of Sri Lanka meant everyone only landed at 5.00am or 7.00am. This meant getting rooms ready early in the day, arranging additional breakfast and so on. Additionally, Mpire Events needed to get Indian caterers from Mumbai as per the client’s request.

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In terms of décor, the bride and Mpire Events ran through each element. Multiple trips to Sri Lanka were made by the Mpire team and the bride to physically see mock-ups of centerpieces, lanterns, flowers, drapers and even colours of paper lanterns and strings of threads that she wanted at the pool party!


Celebrations kicked off with a pool party, which according to the clients was the most enjoyed celebration of all. The vibe was manic, high on energy and extremely thrilling.

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The same evening, a power-packed Sangeet took place at the hotel.

The next day, the baraat came in big jeeps with moving tempos and trucks with a DJ on the beach. Since it was monsoon Mpire Events created a huge marquee, which was placed on the beach. This took care of the rain and also looked stunning as it lit it up with over 500 zero-watt bulbs on the ceiling!



At the celebration dinner, the couple walked in and the guests were all dressed in gowns, tuxedos and black ties. It was a memorable three days and right about when the bridesmaids went to start their speeches, there was a sandstorm of sorts.

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The entire marquee started shaking, the wind was blowing at the rate of knots, the glasses at the bar started shaking, the speakers fell down and the lights went off. It was a huge storm and the rain started gushing down!

Vikram Mehta, Founder and Managing Director. Mpire Events elaborates, “For those 5 minutes, my heart sank and almost stopped. What no one knew though was that I had a backup set in the Hotel banquet hall! That place was kept ready with décor, a bar, and buffet and a dance floor, sound & lights etc.”

Within 30 minutes, the team of Mpire Events and Jetwing Blue turned around the situation, moving the party indoor, amidst loads of cheering and applause from the guests.