5 Reasons to Go Elect Vijay Arora as Vice-President, North- EEMA!


The 26th of June is election day, a day every member of EEMA is awaiting. And thus, this seems like the perfect time to remind everyone of the numerous achievements of Vijay Arora, Founder, The Touchwood Group and Touchwood Wedding School. Vijay, who is running for Vice-President North, is the ideal candidate for the role. And here’s why you should vote for him:


  1. He is a visionary of sorts.

Vijay’s sole aim is to make the events industry in the north bigger and better than ever before. His manifesto is straightforward- he intends to foster a collaborative environment, develop more sustainable opportunities, ensure tie-ups with global organizations, all to help build EEMA up as a brand. He intends to develop Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, and Agra as destinations for MICE & Weddings in the north. The list doesn’t quite end there, not for Vijay Arora. In addition to these impressive feats, the man intends to drive member engagement for education, create forums to invite corporate clients closer to the events industry, promote tie-ups with educational institutions, build more IPs, and grow membership in the north by at least 50%.

Truly, something to look forward to.


  1. He is a team player.

Vijay’s company specializes in a variety of event facilities, all from event planning & marketing to legal services essential for the events. The Touchwood Group entered the IP space with the Gourmet Entertainment Show in 2018, which was the turning point for the firm. Since then, the company has successfully registered a variety of IPs including The Gourmet Entertainment Show, Make Me Up, Matchmakers Conclave, HNI Shaadi, and The Touchwood Wedding School, to name a few.

Phew, not an easy feat, huh?

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  1. He’s a self-made man.

Did we mention that Vijay’s company, the Touchwood Group is the only listed event management company in the National Stock Exchange (Main Board)? His company has also raised close to INR 50 Cr. for expansion. The firm is 100% committed to developing intellectual properties, which accelerates the growth of his company for the coming years.

Truly exceptional!


  1. EEMA will go global with his powerful international network.

Vijay confidently led the EEMA leadership retreat in Turkey, which was incidentally the first EEMA initiative organized outside India. Moreover, having executed mammoth events and projects outside India, Vijay’s international network gives him a clear edge to help put EEMA on the world map.


  1. He’s a peoples’ person.

By sheer virtue of running so many IPs within the event fraternity, his understanding of the event business as well as the supply chain is truly commendable. The spotlight awards too, were Vijay Arora’s brainchild.


So, everyone! We do hope this much is enough! 26th is election day, and cast your votes for Vijay Arora!