This Venetian Invite By Izhaar Screams LUXURY All The Way!


Izhaar Luxury Invitations recently created a wedding invite handcrafted with semi-precious material which was specially curated for the groom’s family.

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The invite and concept was part of their Alexander Collection, personifying fearlessness and thus inspired by the shape of a Solitaire.

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The invite is designed to give a contemporary look to the tableau. It came with a luxurious suede carry Bag embossed with gold studs!

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On opening, you can see the hand-weaved quilting on the inner flap which again added to the element of luxury.


The edibles were procured from around the world and mustered in these rich Venetian containers. To bring out the finesse that this montage exhibits, some very fine hardware, and locks have also been used in the invite!


At Izhaar, the team believes in sustainability, perhaps why each element of the composition is of high-grade quality and can be reused later. It’s not just an invite, it’s a gift that one will keep forever!

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The invite box is embossed with semi-precious stones and thus can be used as an exotic center-table piece. The Venetian containers beholding sweets can also be used in receivers household.