It’s Time for EEMA’s Much Awaited CYCLOTHON- India on the MOVE!


It’s time to be loud, and raise your voice.

On Friday, the 2nd of October 2020, EEMA is hosting the largest pandemic event in the form of a CYCLOTHON!

To celebrate Gandhi Jayanti, and simultaneously celebrate the heroes of India who risked their lives to serve the nation and its people, EEMA cyclists across states will cover a total of 15,2000 kms- the length of all of India’s borders- through a relay cyclothon between North India. The relay will then move east, west, and end in the south.


The event fraternity as a whole has existed solely because of humans and the need to connect and share our joys. Celebrations needn’t always be about fun and frolic, but instead, as EEMA is proving this time round, they can be about gratitude too.


The event fraternity will come together for the first time in 5 months to salute the front-line heroes- warriors who are fighting in the face of adversity.


All funds collected through this initiative will be routed to WE CARE– EEMA’s CSR initiative, a special initiative to work towards the well-being of those working in the event industry, to focus on equal opportunities for all, focus on nurturing talent and training them up for leadership roles through mentoring and learning while continuing to educate all the stakeholders on their responsibility to create a thriving, safe and gender-neutral work environment.


PARTICIPANTS: Everyone welcome to join
DATE: 2 October 2020
END TIME: 11:00 AM
ZONES: North South East West
MAPPING: Digitally for everyone to track programs and movement
HIGHLIGHT: Presenting COVID-19 warriors with EEMA trophies and certificates at their door steps


  • Government instructed safety measures will be adhered to by following social distancing norms and dividing groups of 100 people at all location.
  • Masks, sanitizers, and relevant PPE is mandatory
  • Protective gear such as helmets and knee pads are encouraged
  • Each group will be aided by a backup vehicle with first aid kits
  • Each participant will undergo a thermal check and secured with an EEMA stamp

So, come embark on this exciting journey as the events fraternity moves towards a positive beginning.