IMWF 2023, 18-21 December 2023 – Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt


International MICE & Wedding Forum has begun in Sharm El-Sheikh.

International MICE & Wedding Forum – IMWF 2023, the only and most ambitious event in the world that brings together global stars of the MICE and Wedding industry with top representatives of airlines, hotels, and supplier companies for business and relationship development, and to share common experiences. The seventh edition of IMWF 2023 opened its doors on December 18, 2023, at the prestigious tourism destination of Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt, hosted at the Rixos Premium Seagate hotel.

With total revenues exceeding 1 trillion dollars and attracting top professionals of highly productive MICE and Wedding planners, IMWF is in high demand among participants. The seventh edition of this event, featuring expert and forward-thinking speakers during the day, and hosting one-on-one scheduled B2B meetings, as well as evening events specially curated by top designers, along with international shows, will unveil international business potential, as it does every year.

In the press conference, Enver Murad, Sales & Marketing Director of Inventum Global, shared his views on the event.

“I would like to express my gratitude for the presence of the press members in our beautiful destination. The International MICE & Wedding Forum, initiated by the visionaries of Inventum Global, Mr. Bünyat Özpak and Mr. Asil Akar, is taking place in Egypt for the first time this year. While anticipating the expansion of the event to various destinations, we are pleased to conduct our 7th event in Egypt to explore this magnificent location. Over the past six years, this event has achieved great success in Turkey. This year in Egypt, with the support of significant sponsors such as the Egyptian Tourism Authority and Rixos Hotels Egypt, we are organizing the event. We expect sustainable growth with the support of various partners and governmental institutions. Thank you for your ongoing support.”


Amr El-Kady, CEO of the Egyptian Tourism Authority, conveyed the following:

“I express deep appreciation for the contributions of Rixos Hotels Egypt and Inventum Global to the development of Egyptian tourism in collaboration with IMWF. Events such as MICE and weddings play a crucial role in diversifying tourism, not only creating new business opportunities but also infusing vitality into local economies.


Within the framework of the ‘Egypt Alive’ strategy, we are focusing on various events, including culture, music, and sports. International collaborations, particularly through initiatives like IMWF, aim to globally showcase Egypt’s attractive features, further strengthening its potential.”


Erkan Yıldırım, CEO of Rixos Hotels Egypt, conveyed the following:

”We are delighted to host the IMWF event for the first time outside of Türkiye at Rixos Premium Seagate. As Rixos Hotels, always pioneering firsts, we have once again demonstrated our confidence in the brand by hosting this significant event in Sharm El-Sheikh. Introducing Sharm El-Sheikh to participants from around the world, we continue to contribute to Egyptian tourism. Strengthening our collaboration with Inventum Global in the region where the tourism season takes place throughout the year, we will increase our new wedding and event organizations in 2024.”

International MICE & Wedding Forum – IMWF 2023 is taking place with the support of the Egyptian Tourism Authority, hosted by Rixos Premium Seagate, and powered by Inventum Global.


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