#HomeBound: Mastering the Art of Solitude with Rakhee Jain


It is truly ironic that in May 2020, while we globally recognize Mental Health Awareness month, the COVID-19 pandemic is having a huge impact on everything from mental health to work/life balance. The pandemic has pushed more than a quarter of the world’s population in lockdown, and countless people are beginning to experience the “quarantine blues.”

As concerts are postponed, sporting events are cancelled, schools are closed, and tourist hot spots are shut down, boredom and gloom have begun presiding over all other emotions.

Although remaining inside is a good way to protect yourself from the deadly disease, it could eventually lead to a lesser evil, boredom and stir craziness.

However, a lot of your favorite wedding professionals seemed to glide through the lockdown and even seemed to glow up during it. We were pretty confused about how they managed it too, so we directly reached out to them, and tried to figure it out. Rakhee Jain, Founder, Rakhee Jain Design Studios had a lot of interesting answers to our curious questions… Here’s how our interview with her went down!

1. What is the first thing you thought about this morning

-To do or not to do!


2. What is the first thing you notice in a person?

-Before COVID – The personality

During COVID- The mask


3. Tell us about your craziest job experience.

-Trying to use my charm negotiating with the EU customs officer in St Moritz sitting on his desk while he was interrogating my suitcase which had tools without bills! Pretending to be all cool but was nervously anxious within.


4. Now tell how that crazy experience compares to this crazy lockdown.

-No work in this upside down world, everything looks calm from the outside but really nervous about toppling over anytime!


5. Calcutta, New Delhi, or London- where would you rather be quarantined?

-None of the above! If I could really choose to be quarantined somewhere it would be  Goa with my man!


6. What has been the best thing about quarantine?

-Me time!


7. Describe you ‘Lockdown State of Mind’ in one word.


(PS – That’s what you feel after a very longggg vacation!)


8. TIME TO WAKE UP, SUNSHINE! What are you having for breakfast?

-Vitamins-BCDE …… FGHIJKL… along with some raw caveman food and a smoothie!


9. This one is important- puppies or kittens?

-Cubs from Ranthambore!!


10. What’s your spirit animal?

-Cheetah. It brings out my spirit animal as well as my animal spirit (the Chita ;)!


11. Which is the most recent movie that made you cry?

-Hangover ( I laughed so much that I had tears rolling down)


12. What according to you is the best idea for a first date?

-Long walk in the evening on an empty road…


13. Someone famous you want to have a meal with?

-Doland Trump oops I meant Donald Trump! Only so I can hear his version of Swamy Vivekamundans philosophy!


14. How do you destress?

-I would have loved to say a shopping spree but will settle with baking cookies!

Picture14a Picture14b

15. What is one thing that would have made this quarantine more bearable for you?

-Being stuck with Bradley cooper but will settle for Hrithik Roshan since #VocalForLocal!


16. What is the first thing you’ll do when you’re free again?

-Work, hopefully!


17. When are you most inspired?

-A good speech (but secretly it’s Pinterest)!


18. What makes you laugh no matter what?

-Mamta Banerjee – when she attempts to speak in Hindi or English…..


19. What is something you want to have accomplished ten years from now?

-Holding a socio-political office


20. And last but not least, when do you see this whole situation realistically ending?

-Who knows… Let me know when you know!