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The Indian weddings ecosystem is the second largest weddings business across the world and is expected to overtake the US weddings market (which stands at No.1) by 2025. Given how many ‘big fat Indian weddings’ are increasingly going international every year, leading destination management companies have their eyes set on India. However, none of them have been able to understand the luxury weddings market of India like Inventum Global – one of the world’s largest DMC’s that is currently the favourite of every Indian outbound luxury wedding planner. 

In an exclusive interview with EXP Exchange, Bunyat Ozpak, Founding Partner Inventum Global talks about his offerings for the luxury Indian weddings market and what makes it exciting for him. 

What do you think about the luxury weddings industry of India and how exciting is it for Inventum Global and its partners?

The luxury weddings industry of India is an exciting and growing sector. Our company is well-positioned to capitalise on this growth as we offer a wide range of services to cater to the needs of luxury wedding clients. From A to Z, we are able to provide a comprehensive package to ensure that every wedding is a success. We are also able to provide custom packages to meet the specific needs of each client allowing us to create a truly unique and memorable experience.

What makes the various destinations and hotel partners of Inventum Global a perfect fit for the luxury weddings business of India?

We offer a variety of destinations and hotel partners that are perfect for weddings. These destinations and hotel partners provide a wide range of amenities and services that are tailored to the needs of luxury weddings, such as luxurious accommodations, exquisite cuisine, and world-class service. In addition, Inventum Global provides a variety of packages that are designed to meet the specific needs of each wedding, ensuring that each event is as unique and special as the couple themselves. With its extensive network of partners, we are able to provide wedding planners with the perfect destination and hotel for their destination wedding.

Over the years Inventum has managed to establish itself as the leading destination management company across the globe. Tell us more about the destinations and hotels you represent and their various offerings to the luxury weddings industry of India.

Well, Turkey is a stunning destination for luxury destination weddings, offering a variety of breathtaking landscapes, stunning architecture, and a vibrant culture. From the beaches of the Aegean Sea to the lush forests of the Black Sea, Turkey offers a variety of stunning backdrops for a luxury destination wedding. The country also offers a wide range of luxury hotels, resorts, and venues, making it an ideal destination for couples looking for a unique and unforgettable wedding experience.

Also, Egypt is a destination that offers a unique combination of ancient history, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes. From the majestic pyramids of Giza to the Valley of the Kings, Egypt is a destination that offers a truly unique experience. For luxury destination weddings, Egypt offers a range of luxury resorts and hotels, as well as private villas and beachfront properties. From the Red Sea to the Nile, Egypt offers a range of activities and experiences that will make any wedding truly unforgettable.

Then there is Russia which is a vast and diverse country with a plethora of stunning locations for destination weddings. From the romantic cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg to the breathtaking landscapes of the Caucasus Mountains, Russia offers a wealth of options for couples looking to tie the knot in a unique and memorable way. Inventum has extensive experience in organising destination weddings in Russia, from providing luxury accommodation and transportation to arranging for a variety of cultural activities and entertainment.

Another part of ours is Kenya which is yet another beautiful destination for luxury destination weddings. The country offers a wide range of stunning venues, from beachfront resorts to luxury safari lodges. Couples can enjoy the stunning scenery of the African savannah, the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, and the stunning beaches of the Indian Ocean. Kenya also offers a variety of cultural experiences, from the Masai Mara to the Samburu tribes.

Also, Tanzania is a beautiful country with a diverse landscape of mountains, savannahs, lakes, and beaches. It is home to the Serengeti National Park, the Ngorongoro Crater, and Mount Kilimanjaro. Not to forget, Northern Cyprus which is a very unique destination for luxury destination weddings, offering a stunning backdrop of mountains, beaches, and historical sites. The country is known for its rich culture, stunning architecture, and vibrant nightlife.

There are different destination management companies that are eying the luxury outbound Indian weddings market – what gives Inventum Global an advantage over them in regards to your offerings.

What gives us a unique advantage is that our team of experienced professionals have an in-depth understanding of the Indian culture and traditions, and are able to provide a tailored experience that meets the needs of each client. We have access to exclusive venues and vendors that are not available to other companies, and our team is able to provide a comprehensive package that includes all the necessary services for a successful wedding. Furthermore, our team is highly experienced in organising and managing large-scale events, and we have a proven track record of delivering successful weddings for our clients.

What is your vision for Inventum Global? Any new destinations or hotels that you are partnering with in the future? What can the Indian wedding planners expect from it?

Our vision for Inventum Global is to become a leading global destination management company. We are constantly exploring new destinations and hotels to partner with, and are always looking to provide our clients with the best possible experience. We are currently in the process of expanding our portfolio to include more destinations and hotels locally, as well as internationally. In the near future, Indian wedding planners can expect to have access to a wide range of venues, services, and amenities that are tailored to their needs. We are also working on providing our clients with a seamless and stress-free experience when it comes to planning their destination weddings and events. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible experience, and are always looking for ways to improve our services.