A Class Apart: The Wabi-Sabi Collection by Izhaar


Created on the philosophy of discovering beauty in imperfection, finery in flaw, Izhaar’s Wabi-Sabi collection is humble and minimalistic. The collection, based on Izhaar’s founding principles of modesty with a hint of sophistication, is about embracing imperfections and personal authenticity.

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Wabi-Sabi celebrates the charm of products with time-worn imperfections, weathering, cracking, and textures, making leather the essence of the look. Keeping quality and durability in mind, Izhaar forwards the ideas of sustainability and reusability through this collection, which reflects their ideals seamlessly.

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The collection combines simple shapes with organic colors, making it a multi-faceted solution for most gifting classes.

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Ruchita Bansal Izhaar

To enhance and perfect the richness of each product within the collection, there are pure brass beads embossed around the edges, making it more sturdy, elegant, and refined.

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Izhaar celebrates milestones and special days and helps you create unforgettable memories. This collection embodies the firm’s ideals of fun combined with elegance for your gifts and invitations. Ruchita Bansal, the Director of Izhaar, stated “Originality & creativity is our core passion so that our clients can present a specially created expression of their feelings.” From royal to rustic, vintage to classy, this collection personifies it all and helps create an aesthetic befitting one and all.

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